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HOOAH Aviation Technology CO., LTD is a high-tech company,specialized in drones research,development, production and sales.We hold 30 national patents. The fields of our products cover collar military, agriculture, surveying, disaster relief, etc. Our company has professional aircraft designers, structural designers, electronic engineers and drones pilots. The MFM New material drones,produced by our company,have good stiffness and energy efficiency.Their Work no longer depends on airport and weather. They can work well at low altitude especially those complex landform such as mountains or forest and getting high-resolution satellite images. In order to Provide customers with real qualified solutions to all the problems.Accurate data from the platform of cloud is involved,they can fullfill  it’s complementary assignment so that they can reach the balance of efficiency and gains. 

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Tel:0086+16651596605 16651596606 Technical support:0086+15051917700

HOOAH Aviation Technology CO., LTD