Modern agriculture unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) solution

Application Overview

Pesticide spraying unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) solution has the following characteristics

More than 1, efficient, safe, rotor flying and personnel safety

Rotor by means of agricultural unmanned helicopter flight safety performance is good, spraying speed moderate, perfect spraying device, and to maintain the fixed height distance with crops that scale efficiency is high, its efficiency is dozens of times higher than conventional spray at least. Agricultural uav navigation operation minimize the automatic flight control system with staff pesticide exposure time, in order to ensure staff safety of life!

2, easy to operate, "fool" flight control navigation of autonomous operations

Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) spraying technology based on multiple rotor unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) is not restricted by the terrain and highly, implementation of work in the fields on crops. Available handheld ground station equipments to homework, no more helicopter rotor using remote monitoring operation navigation and flight control system with independent functions, before spraying, route planning, the map is input into the internal control system, the ground plane can be loaded with spraying device, spraying will be finished independently. Spraying on the plane at the same time, but also through the handheld display achieves real-time observation of ground station for the progress of spraying.

3, good effect, high density control effect is good

Spray solution on the unit area covering the higher density, more uniform, control effect is better. Slips on liquid droplets test reflects the pesticide spraying using unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) wave one of the strengths of the degree of loss, more uav rotorcraft with 18 spiral wing, homework height is lower, when liquid droplets from the sprayer was 18 rotor flow down to accelerate the formation of aerosol flow, increasing the liquid droplets on crops directly penetrating, reduced the loss degree of pesticide, and is better than the conventional liquid deposition quantity and liquid drug coverage, and control effect is better than the traditional, also can prevent the pollution caused by pesticides on soil.

Section 4, low cost, water saving maintenance costs low

More uav rotorcraft spraying technology adopts the spraying spraying method can save at least 50% of pesticide use, this will greatly reduce the resource cost. Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) depreciation rate, low consumption, low cost of unit operation manual, easy to maintain.