Power inspection unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) solution

Application Overview

As is known to all, is the transmit power of electric power line and ensure the safe premise, so to ensure that the power line intact is a very important task, in the production of daily life, both residential electricity network of 10 kv and 110 kv, 220 kv high voltage network, to carry out daily maintenance, prevent the delinquents or bad weather for the failure is line damage.

The traditional electric power line patrol patrol line process is staff personally to the scene, touring object mainly infrastructure, tower, wire, transformer, insulator, cross arm, knife switches and other equipment, and records in paper media tour, and then manually into the computer. Inspection is influenced by too many man-made factors, therefore, in a dangerous location will endanger the line selection of the workers' life safety, and large amount of manual input data and the data in the process of manual entry error-prone; Patrol in place for people who do the work at the same time unable to effectively manage and inspect the quality cannot be guaranteed, the safety status of line is not assured, left a security risk. So take what measures is effective, it is a difficult problem in front of the power sector.

Along with our country economy fast development, the demand for energy is more and more big, the super high pressure large capacity power line greatly expanded. Line corridors need through a variety of complex geographical environment, such as after a large area of reservoirs, lakes and mountains, these are for power line inspection has brought many difficulties. Especially for electric power line through the primeval forest edge region, high altitude, snow covered area, and there are more frequent geological disasters such as landslides and debris flows along the, most areas of high mountain steep, traffic and communication is highly developed, how to solve the daily inspection of electric power line, improve the detection accuracy and efficiency, and become a major problem in electric power industry.

Unmanned aerial tour transmission lines is a new method of inspection, refers to equipment on unmanned aviation equipment gyro stable optical detector and infrared thermal imager load, such as inspection on transmission lines and videos, with high-tech, high efficiency and is not affected by geographical advantages.

Zero intelligence control (Beijing) intelligent technology co., LTD., patrol drones for power line inspection work, according to different airfoils, 45 minutes to 1.5 hours flight, weight 500 grams to 10 kilograms, divided into electricity and oil two, on the technology and the actual effect, can satisfy the requirements of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) power patrol, can get clear video and image, using unmanned aircraft systems through the reliability and stability test, the marketization operation has begun.

The following simple zero unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) transmission line air patrol system is introduced in this paper:

1, the air patrol mission Patrol patrol drones can perform at least three tasks: fault (fast and accurate power grid and equipment to find the fault point), regular patrol (instead of artificial routine patrol, improve the efficiency of patrol, patrol to reduce costs, reduce the patrol staff labor intensity), annual patrol (alternative man-machine execute annual plan of aviation patrol).

2, homework project Unmanned aerial tour of power line project mainly include: visible light (VTR +), video camera distance (Photography), the infrared thermal imaging detection, insulator; Use the main equipment are: high speed camera, camera, infrared thermal imager;

Detectable line includes: the main defect of line channel obstacle, loose, loss and wear on the line hardware, insulator degradation, rupture and filth, parts wrong lap, interval rods loose and damaged, wire and ground wire wear, wiring and internal damage to the hardware, wire connection is overheating, etc.

3, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) inspection process Unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) inspection process: unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) pick up camera, infrared camera or wire damage detectors tasks such as equipment; Which has the function of autonomous navigation positioning ground control station, control independently the plane take off, ups and downs along the route flight; Digital image transmission stations real-time transmission video footage of inspection; Ground inspection personnel according to the real-time video line, and according to the GPS positioning to determine position and record, after completion of a flight the plane's landing independent open umbrella, recycling.