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  • 09-28

    J-20 stealth fighter aircraft model being sought

    The 15, J-20 stealth fighter stealth aircraft model in the capital appeared yesterday. The reporter learned that, at present the new arrival of J-20 stealth fighter for the price of 680 yuan.Reporters this morning in the worker's Stadium in a model shop see army die lovers eagerly awaited the j-20 fighter 15 aircraft model have been yesterday listed.After the news, the Chinese aircraft carrier Varyag will for the sea trial, and aircraft carrier Varyag will be equipped with China's new st
  • 09-28

    Wireless remote control of miniature toy helicopter

    In October 23rd, a staff member of the Japanese Tomy toy company in Tokyo told people the company launched a miniature toy helicopter "Heli-Q".This is said to be the world's smallest radio toy helicopter, 20 minutes after each charge can fly for 5 minutes. This helicopter toy will be put on the market in November.October 23rd, Japan's well-known toy company Tomy (company), the company has demonstrated the world's smallest remote control helicopter toy, players can easily put it in th
  • 09-28

    China will lift the low level of Private Aviation Civil Aviation Administration said it has developed ideas

    In the film, the scene of a private jet flight will become a reality in China. Yesterday, the reporter was informed that the General Administration of civil aviation is carried out a study entitled to validate ADS-B air traffic control technology application, after the opening of low altitude airspace control to provide technical guarantee for low altitude flight safety."At present in our country some economically developed regions, numerous enterprises, individuals have shown a very strong desi
  • 09-28

    Solar powered aircraft model for the first time unveiled

    With the rapid development of civil aviation culture, a lot of friends love love aviation, aircraft into the civil aviation fancier. They like in the hands of the camera keep aircraft shadows of civil aviation photographer, like in the virtual world to control the aircraft flight simulation enthusiasts, more one part is used aircraft model machine model collectors. They understand the history of civil aviation, civil aviation culture from the aircraft model, in their own homes built their own ai

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