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Our products cover multiple fields such as military, agriculture, surveying, disaster relief, etc

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TianHe UAV Technology CO., LTD is a high-tech company,specialized in drones research,development, production and sales.We hold 30 national patents. The fields of our products cover collar military, agriculture, surveying, disaster relief, etc. Our company has professional aircraft designers, structural designers, electronic engineers and drones pilots. The MFM New material drones,produced by our company,have good stiffness and energy efficiency.Their Work no longer depends on airport and weather.

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Mastering company news and understanding industry information

Daily maintenance and emergency response of drone batteries

A drone is a type of drone composed of flight platforms, navigation and flight control. With the help of ground remote control or navigation and flight control, it can achieve various operations, aerial surveys, inspections, monitoring, and assistance in agriculture. Compared to traditional operatio

  • 04-05-2023
Technological application principles of drone balance

Torque balance. This is the key to maintaining balance in the air for all aircraft, including drones. Intuitively speaking, when all propellers of a drone are of the same specification: the propellers must exist in pairs, with the same number of positive and negative propellers and symmetrically dis

  • 04-05-2023
How to operate aerial drones

There are many different types of aerial drones, and their operating methods are also slightly different. Are they generally similar and the same. Aerial drones need to use mobile phones or tablets for intelligent remote control, and also use the joystick of the drone's remote control device to

  • 04-05-2023