Border surveillance drones solution

Application Overview

Our country land border about 22000 kilometers, and borders 14 countries respectively, with two-thirds of the border is alpine desert. Border entry and exit stream in China, smuggling and other criminal activities serious condition, objectively requires border departments perform the task of distance, fast response speed. The traditional border monitoring by artificial monitoring ways, such as standing guard, lookout, patrol, etc. Due to the complex border area the geographical position, unattended checkpoints site, ports of entry and exit the scene, and other key border monitoring has a wide distribution area, and the monitoring center distance is farther, cause inconvenience on cable network utilization, make traditional monitoring has been unable to meet the needs of border monitoring well. The rapid development of technology, made it possible to frontier science and technology, intelligent monitoring system development.

1, the uav abroad border security monitoring

In recent years, foreign border monitoring using a new kind of monitoring method, unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs), on the basis of original monitoring means, unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) filled not real-time tracking and a wide range of inspection, some aircraft patrol problem such as cost, easy to an accident, become another big border patrol.

Arizona in the United States has a 2000 - mile border with Mexico, a number of illegal immigrants is entry into the United States from here. The region tried the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), which is funded by the U.S. department of homeland security, from October 1 last year to now, the United States border patrol the Tucson Arizona has seized 330000 illegal immigrants. U.S. officials to use uav monitoring not only, still can effectively deter illegal entry behavior by unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), at the same time also can use the drones to help someone in trouble. It is understood that in the test after the completion of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) will also deploy some northern states in the United States, the great lakes and Puerto Rico. The project total cost about $10 million, of which the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) cost about 4 million dollars. The Los Angeles police also began experimenting with drone patrols, hoping to reduce the burden of the police patrol, the unmanned aircraft weighing about 2.3 kg, it is called "skywalker". The plane after folding the manufactured a metal that can be crammed into a shoulder bag. It's another big advantage is that the noise is small, not easy to be found, which give the police "provides an unprecedented convenience".

2, domestic common border security monitoring

In recent years, the people's liberation army (PLA) is stationed in harsh snow area plateau border patrols, equipped with a patrol helicopters, snowmobiling, multifunctional modern new equipment such as satellite communication car video; As a border, tianchi water army garrison duties, equipped with a ram wing speedboat, special new patrol boats, jet skis and other equipment; For border island and coastal troops and equipped with a new type of sea service boat, a helicopter carrying capacity of more than 1000 tons of patrol boat, observe new equipment such as helicopters. But in our special border (high altitude, plateau, snow-capped mountains, isolated island, no man's land, etc.) do not reach the height of the patrol helicopters, only on soldiers walking or riding on for days or even several days to reach, in some rocky road border, conditions, climate and changeful, brought life to patrol officers and soldiers, also have officers and soldiers had sacrificed their life for this reason, since 1980, the existing 471 officers and soldiers sacrifice.

Another commonly used high-tech means is to establish a set of complete network system, using wireless transmission technology, numerous photographer in the head is put here and there, to achieve monitoring purposes. But this also want to spend a lot of time and money, and later maintenance problems.

3, our company provide solution for border patrol drones

Border of unusually harsh natural environment, conditions beyond the imagination of ordinary people. Western cold, high altitude, oxygen-starved; North of the vast desert gobi, snow ice, a storm; South high temperature, high salt, high wet; Almost nothing grows on many islands in the east, all coral sand stone, our border officers and soldiers in the natural environment is in action is so inconvenient, with individual physical condition to do struggle with nature. As you can imagine, in a large area to install thousands of cameras, not only requires a lot of money, and many of the natural conditions is extremely dangerous area, staff has been very difficult to reach, install cameras is almost impossible task. With some helicopter reconnaissance, in addition to the scheduling and funding problems, some regional weather and natural conditions and even determines the high risk of someone helicopter missions and impossibility, therefore, adopt new method helps to improve the efficiency of border troops patrolling the border patrol, reduce casualties.

Small border patrol drones system is solved this difficult problem, border troops only need through sites set up flight destinations, hand rolls, take-off uav automatic flight can be according to the routes, border troops simply by unmanned drones carrying camera to observe the ground situation, if found, can also through the ground operation system, the real-time change course, detailed inspections in unknown area hovering flight, when patrolling work finished, uav automatic return, return to independent parachute over the take-off point. Small border patrol drones system features: simplify the operation, the automatic generating line, hand rolls off to parachute, fully autonomous flight, the automatic functions, such as no remote control, without having to worry about frequency interference, without the remote control flying experience, operators have to do is to throw the plane out so simple!

Small unmanned drones on loading of infrared cameras can also night, reducing the casualties already so, also increases the patrolling, let criminals at bay. Distance at checkpoints of checkpoints outpost can also according to the distance can also implement surveillance, that is, from checkpoints point A to point B take-off, landing point B change new battery again after taking off from point B to point A landing, ground station can be received at the same time point A and point B of the video signal (as shown in figure 1), and support A few plane takes off at the same time, so you can cover A certain range of carpet of patrol (figure 2).