Classic Glider

The new material SURFER MAX SKY toy entry level to accept the intended glider

Classic Glider

Product Details

Sky surfer Max

Material:   New Material

Wingspan: 1510mm (59.5 inch)

Length: 1085mm (42.7 inch) 

Wingacreage: 31.17dm2(483 

Flying Weight: 908g(2lb) 

Wingload: 29g/dm2  (9.54oz/sq.ft) 

Barycentre : in middle of wing, 65-80mm from  leading edge    


Motor: 2830KV1000

ESC: standard:20A    max:30A    4S

Servos: 4 servos

Propeller:  standard:7X4     max:8X5

Battery: 11.1V-14.8V  2200-3000 mAh 20-25C Li-Po 

Transmitter: 4CH