MFM new materil

X-UAV new material MFM BEATLES

MFM new materil

Product Details

small and flexible,convenient to carry out,apply to urgent,short time work,40-60min worktime.The position of parachute cabin,camera,flight control and Data Transmission is reasonable.The protection of inside elements allows a rough use in the wild. Our products are durable and reliable,so that can reduce the cost.The flight is stable and the plane ist detachable.easy to carry out for work,simple and cheap post-maintenance are all our advantages.


Wingspan:   1182mm

Length:      825mm

Wing area:   59dm2

Recommend Power and flying controller system:

Motor:     * 3520, KV700 motor

ESC:       * 60A ESC

Servo:     * 17g*2pcs, 9g*1pcs servo

Propeller:    *10*8 Folding propeller

Battery:   * 10000 6S Lipo battery

Take-off weight:  *2500g-3500g