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FPV Plane

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Skua Installation tutorial        http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3562786917

   SKUA is a slow-speed model with perfect performance at low speed,In the breeze,it can float for a long time with the throttle closed,battery saved. Large capacity  makes it can carry more,besides,We also provide our customers with a spare pod,it is detachable and can be changed fast. A 18mm carbon tube coss the fuselage,makes the structure more reliable. Transparent PC hood can not only increase the Intensity and transmittance,but also protect the equipment inside. horizontal tail has lift,small Thrust-to-Weight ratio is enough,so a small motor(2814 series)is equipped in this model. During the flight,A perfect balance between lift and drag, which can make this model fly longer. The center of gravity of the aircraft is directly below the wing,a 5000mah battery can achieve that.
Fine workmanship,all parts are closely bonded,perfect performance at slow speed,accurate controlling,One of the best FPV planes in 2014!


Wingspan:  2100mm

Length:  1150mm

Flying weight:  2500g-3000g

Wing area: 55d㎡

Wing laod: 45~55g/d㎡  

recommended power system
Motor:  3720 KV1200

Propeller:  ≤10in 

Servo:   2*9g 2*17g servos

Battery: 14.8V, 4S Li-polymer

Transmitte: 4CH 2.4GHz Transmitte