FPV Plane

X-UAV ONE (EPO version) fixed wing power efficient FPV!

FPV Plane

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X-UAV ONE(EPO version)


ONE(王), as a Sequel after Talon, Mini Talon and Skua

1)  Innovative power systemdecrease the height of the fuselage,dcrease the angel of attack,which tremendously decrease the drag.

2)The thrust line and the center of gravity line completely overlapping,best efficiency.

3) Wings are simply detachable, so do the vtails

4) Beautiful shape, streamlined, minimal drag



We are here waiting for you to break the record!!

Wingspan:  1800mm

Length:  1100mm

Flying weight:  2000g-2500g

Wing area: 41.5d㎡

recommended power system
Motor:  2814 KV1300

Propeller:  12*6 folding propeller 

Servo:   2*9g 2*17g servos

Battery: 14.8V, 4S Li-polymer

Transmitte: 4CH 2.4GHz Transmitte